• How to Connect HP Desktop to a Wireless System?

    How to Connect HP Desktop to a Wireless System?

    HP offers a range of computers to choose from. Most of them are able to connect to a wired router or switch on the local network. If you want to connect your HP desktop to a wireless system, you will need to install a network adapter. If you need any help from the experts, dial the HP customer service number.

    • Start your system and insert the mini-plug end of the USB cable into the USB network adapter and the other end to the computer.
    • Next, insert the driver disc for the USB wireless adapter into the CD or DVD drive of the HP computer if prompted by Windows. After some time of installing the driver, Windows will configure the wireless adapter for use. You will see a wireless network icon in the task-bar.
    • Now, right-click the wireless network icon and click ‘Open Network and Sharing Center.’ In the current window, click ‘Set up a New Connection or Network, then Connect to the internet. Press ‘next’ and then select ‘Wireless.’
    • After this, select the SSID, or wireless network name, for your router in the list of available connections.
    • From the lists of the networks available, select yours and click ‘Connect.’
    • It will ask you to enter the security key or password for the wireless network connection.
    • After entering the password, click ‘Connect.’ Windows will confirm that the connection to the wireless router was successful.
    • Now you can use any browser and browse the Internet using the new wireless connection.

    This way you can connect your HP desktop to a wireless system and then use the internet. For any queries or issues, don’t forget to call us at the HP laptop technical support number. Our HP experts will help you to connect your device to a wireless connection as well as for other issues related to your HP device.

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